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Re-watching the original Tron movie with some friends the other day in preparation for the theatrical release of Tron: Legacy, I was struck by several similarities between Tron and Star Wars: A New Hope (spoiler warning):
  • characters:
  • Tron lines and light sabers embody both Good Colors Evil Colors and Power Glows
  • "Thank the Maker!"
  • IIRC, during their battle Sark invites Tron to join him; I don't remember whether the implication was We Can Rule Together à la Star Wars or You Will Be Assimilated
  • a short sneaking-on-a-ledge scene in Tron (anyone remember the details?) reminded me of Obi Wan's edging his way along a ledge in the Death Star's power generator trench
  • shots of the massive Battle Star (Sark's carrier | a Star Destroyer) moving through space parallel to the viewer's line of sight
  • would it be a stretch to call the sort of seedy-looking in-game neighborhood (with requisite shady humanoid aliens) we briefly see in Tron a Wretched Hive?
  • battle squadron call signs: Blue Leader, Gold-1, Gold-2, Gold-3 on light cycles; Gold Leader, Gold-2, Gold-5 in Y-Wings; Red Leader, Red-2, Red-3, Red-5 in X-Wings
  • some of the sound tracks, particularly the flute sections, sounded similar to me
  • Flynn gives a Big No when Sark orders him to finish off Crom; Luke gives one when Darth Vader kills Obi Wan
  • Tron's Duel to the Death with an energy weapon is with discs; in Star Wars they do it with light sabers
  • outside the films themselves, they share stab-the-sky posters and, some argue, awards snubs

What would you add to that list?
In reverse chronological order, with emphasis on ones I especially enjoyed that you may not be familiar with, and with an asterisk * by ones that in my often-faulty memory pass the Bechdel test:
Feel free to share your thoughts on any of these movies.



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